How to get Started right in Infinii!

How to get Started right in Infinii


First thing first go through the training in the back office of infinii. eBay training setting up eBay and Paypal account and start listing

products from Amazon to ebay at first! Because you can just drop ship to them after they pay.


Then move on to Amazon training setting up account, downloading phone app and using it taking action. The amazon model you would

have to buy products first then send in to amazon FBA!


Action is the most important thing you can do without it nothing happens Go through the training ” TAKE ACTION “.

After you have went through the ebay training you have products listed. You understand Amazon and hopefully went on your first shopping trip

move on to the bonanza training.


Click Here to learn how to find items to list on ebay in 5 minutes or less. Note: video say IDP for DSD but now all you need to access the advanced

site is a active INFINii subscription

Let’s have fun and change some lives.



4 Steps to Sucess in INFINii



OK go to and go through the training and TAKE ACTION


One thought on “How to get Started right in Infinii!

  1. The video is great with illustration of the training. Love you guys for what you are doing. I have eBay account, the paid-pal account, but no products as of yet. Still having a problem getting to the portal training session. Is it possible to addres and what information needed to get to back office training? Thanks And love your support.

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