Save More Money

In today’s Blog Post I wanna Tell you how to Save More Money.

With Times being so hard and Prices of everyday needs on the rise, We all need to

start doing things more differently to stay ahead of the game. Learning to save more money I’ve done some active

research, I’d like to call it. After discovering these tips  that I’m about to tell you Guys about,

We put them into action, most We’re already doing but others not so much! Anyway We put them in to

action and BAM!! We now have the extra money to Buy The Home We’re Currently About to Move in!!

So take these tips in and not only take them in implement them in your life and Watch how much you

Save More Money!


Tip-1. Have a Saturday Date  with your money Weekly.

Be committed to sitting down with your money once a week for a money date.

At this time, take a look at your budget and update it!

Look at  your accounts and track your progress against your financial goals.

Like any relationship,if you want  to improve your finances, you have  to spend time with your money.

Tip-2. Get busy with meal planning. Take a few hours every weekend to shop for grocery’s and  plan your meals  for the week!

This will definitely help you save money,Because we all know that going out to eat is the number 1 household expense.

By simply eating at home, you are forced to save money that you would otherwise spend on taxes and tips!

And on the figure friendly side,  you usually save calories, too.

Tip-3. Throw the cable box out the window! Take a deep breath!! I know your thinking no t.v?! No way!

But with online services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, who needs cable?

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies for a fraction of the cost of cable TV.

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