7 Must Have Skills needed to grow your online business –

7 Must Have Skills needed to grow your online business –

Here’s 7 Must Have Skills needed to grow your online business

#1 Finding prospects – as we all know, leads are the lifeblood of your business

Without them…Well, you have no business.  Get good finding prospects start with the

people you know first then expand to friends of friends.

#2 Inviting – your prospects to check out your opportunity or your products

without being to pushy or jumping out of your normal self. But keep the excitement

and enthusiasm!

#3 Presenting – In most cases this is done for you! Maybe a webinar your company does

every week or a sales video that does the selling and telling for. Whatever be the case get good

at this skill. Even if your not the one doing the presenting, it’s a must that know your products

and services. So when a question arise you can help or at least point them in the right direction.

#4 Follow -Up- Most important following up with the prospect  you invited to check out your

opportunity. It’s best to schedule a follow  up between the inviting and presenting. Your fortune is

in the follow up, the say most sales are made after the 5th, 6th, or 7th follow up.  Don’t mess this up by

by looking desperate!


#5.Sign up –  your new business partner in your business ! It’s best to walk them through the sign up process

so you know they’re  signing up right in the business.


#6.Start Them Right – Make sure your new business partner get set up right in the business within 24

to 48 hours. They need to be plugged into some kind of fast start training and actionable steps to get the business

going in the right direction. This keeps them excited about their new business and get them off fast start!


#7. Promote events – Every company has live events where you get hands on training and you get to meet and hangout with the people your in business with. Going to events gives you and your team that edge your need to take your business to the next level and keeps you excited about your business.


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